Who We Are: Logistics and Transportation in Canton Ticino


Operating in the national and international transportation sector for several years, we have always been by our clients’ side for distribution and logistic needs, catering to their specific requirements. This has allowed us to specialize in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector, continuously seeking solutions and meticulous attention to detail in storage and adhering to good distribution practices, including temperature-controlled environments. With our certified Swissmedic and GDP warehouses, we are always ready and available to meet your requests, offering our logistics services and customs procedures, providing comprehensive assistance to our clients, both domestically and internationally, and meeting all required transport conditions.


Why Choose Instant Logistic for Transport and Logistics Services in Canton Ticino


Our staff works in synergy with the operational departments to ensure prompt responses and precision, even in customs declarations.

Cold chain

We provide solutions that fully satisfy the logistic requirements for your transports.

Continuous Assistance

We offer comprehensive services and continuous assistance to our clients, providing valuable support in the complex market of freight transport, logistics, and customs.

Personalized Relationships

Our customer-oriented philosophy is made possible by a specialized team capable of analyzing each client’s specific needs, offering a complete, high-quality, efficient, and tailored service.



Our sector is known for its importance in logistic solutions, whether for export or import, which must comply with high-quality standards consistent with regulatory or mandatory models. This requires specialized logistics services of an equally high level, already existing in our territory but increasingly in demand internationally.

Authorization for Medicines Distribution

Companies that distribute medicines or standardized implants require an operating authorization. Swissmedic issues this authorization based, among other things, on a favorable inspection outcome.

GDP (Good Distribution Practice)

This ensures the quality of all activities related to the distribution of medicines (storage and transportation conditions, etc.).


ISO 9001 is the reference standard for an organization intending to plan, implement, monitor, and improve both operational and support processes by designing and implementing a quality management system. Every activity, application, and monitoring of activities/processes aims to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.